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Who is this Pricila Fatema ?

Pricila, now seventeen, lives in New York and is in 12th grade. She moved to New York with her parents at the age of three. She initially wanted to act. Therefore, she went to New York Film Academy, learned acting, modeling, dance and music for which she won awards in New York.


She got the chance to act in the prestigious Broadway show in New York but she started doing social work. She distributed food to homeless people during New York writers, wheelchairs, sewing machines, tube wells, anti-bacterial, soap, nail clippers, children's toys, vitamins, started small business for the elderly, planted trees, and assisted students in their education in Bangladesh.  

A few months ago, a Quran and Azan competition was organized on his page and the winners were given a prize of two lakh Taka. Along with this, She makes videos protesting against injustice and social awareness live streams on Facebook and YouTube. 

Pricila has produced a number of live programs with famous doctors from England, America, Australia and Bangladesh to warn the people of Bangladesh, which has been watched by millions of viewers.  

She also had programs with Professor Isaac Bari, Dr. Asif Nazrul, Dr. Mohammad Jahangir, RJ Kibria, Ayman Sadiq, Barrister Sumon, Vocalist Asif Akbar, Nobel, Liza, Kornia, Ethun Babu, Tarun Munshi, Kishore Das, Actor Ziaul Haque Palash, Farooq, Actress Monira Mithu, Humanitarian officers from the Police Branch, Shehwar and Maria, Florina and Jobaer, Habib and Natalia, Cricketer Ashraful. Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shariful, Monira Mithu, and Peerzada Shafiqul Harun acted in the short film written, produced and directed by Pricila.

Pricila's first drama was seen by 25 million people on Facebook and YouTube. Both of Pricila’s short films had messages regarding social issues. Moreover, Pricila has recently sung two gojols, one received 2.5 million views and the other received 1.5 million views. 

Pricila has her own studio in New York, which has been praised by RJ Kibria and Ayman Sadiq. Pricila is also successfully hosting various Channel I programs.

She is preparing to study journalism, political science and law. In the future, she wants to work for Bangladesh but there is no possibility of her doing politics in Bangladesh as she has previously stated. Pricila's father is an author of medical books and her mother is the manager of a corporation. 

With more than 3.2 million followers on Pricila's Facebook page and nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube, many people around the world, including Bangladesh, have already noticed Pricila's various activities.


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