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The Story of a Youngest Digital Creator from ‘SP. Creation’

Many talented and talented young people are gaining popularity by making social degrading, educational and humorous videos for the benefit of the popular social media Facebook. One such talented young man is the Facebook page SP. Creation's content creator Saifuddin Siam. On Facebook, he basically makes various funny videos to entertain people.
He started his journey about four years ago by creating some funny content. Which he used to upload on his Facebook page on social media. At first, the audience did not get much response, but gradually its timely and funny content took place in the minds of the viewers. Then, in just a few days, his Facebook page reached the homes of about six and a half lakh followers.
Talking to him in one of the gaps in the story reveals the ups and downs of his life. He said, "At first, I was laughed at by many, but I didn't get much response." My family and relatives did not like the matter but I did not give up. I did not listen to their insignificance but I continued to work attentively. Then little by little success begins to take hold. If you try, everything is possible, I want to move forward with that belief. He further said, "If I can put a smile on the face of thousands of people who are in trouble through video, that is my big debt at the end of the day

In addition to Facebook videos, he was a guest on some TV and radio programs, including the "Eid VS YouTubers" program aired on National TV Channel ATN Bangla in 2020. There, the program is organized by selecting YouTubers from Bangladesh.
Siam is currently studying in the Faculty of Business Education at a private university. In addition to his studies, he spends most of his time creating content. He is now busy working on some new funny videos and will be working as a casting in the upcoming Free Fire Game promotional series. He wants to make people aware by making different kinds of awareness videos. He has tried to do something good in the country's media and asked for blessings from everyone.

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