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Katy Perry opens up on how depression affected her relationship with music

Katy Perry spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about the relationship she used to have with pain and her ability to create music, and how it evolved as she grew older.

Katy Perry is now pregnant with her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom. (Source: katyperry/Instagram)

International singing sensation Katy Perry recently opened up about how her life changed after she became “clinically depressed”.

The singer-songwriter spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about the relationship she used to have with pain and her ability to create music, and how it evolved as she grew older.

“The older you get, the more real-life gets, and the harder it gets to hold onto the pain that helped you create. No longer is that pain helping you create songs…Your body starts to not function. Your metabolism goes south,” the Roar singer was quoted as saying by Independent.


Perry revealed how she felt “ashamed” of being on medication for her mental health after she was diagnosed with clinical depression. “I just couldn’t get out of bed for weeks and became clinically depressed and had to get on medication for the first time in my life…I was so ashamed of it,” she said.

Talking about how age helped her come to terms with the challenges, the 35-year-old singer added, “All things start to change in your 30s, but there’s so much clarity that comes from it as well. I was getting pretty high off my own supply for a long time, and then it just didn’t work after Witness.”

Perry realized after the release of the fifth album that her experiences were not helping her as an artist. “I realized: ‘Oh my God. I have given so much power out for validation and acceptance and love, and now it’s not coming back to me.’ I used to really be able to fix my depression or my bouts of depression by just going: ‘I’m going to write a freaking song,’ or, ‘I’m going to do this. So blah, blah, blah. I’m going to whatever. I’ll leave you in the dust. You break up with me, I’ll show you. Here’s a number one.’”

The singer is now pregnant with her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom. Talking about how the pain she went through eventually helped her grow as an individual, she expressed, “I’m grateful for the pain because it pushed me towards the growth. Now I don’t feel like a thirsty, desperate pop star that’s just trying to hit a number. I’ve got more dimension. I have a baby on the way. I have a fiance. I love my nieces. I love my soon-to-be stepson. I love life.”

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