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Ferrari V6 Hybrid Spied At Fiorano


Possible trickle-down F1 tech?

Since 2014, F1 has changed its regulations to use smaller, turbocharged V6-hybrid powerplants. Aside from a possible bid to end Red Bull dominance, the sport wanted to produce a more environmentally friendly product while developing road technologies. Slowly but surely, the hybrid tech from Formula 1 has made its mark in the auto industry  the video above is no exception, spying on a new Ferrari sporting a V6 soundtrack.

To the uninitiated, Fiorano is the Italian automaker’s playground near Maranello, Italy. Built in 1972 as a proving circuit for Ferrari vehicles, the track features a myriad of different corners to simulate various racetracks around the world. Before F1 limited the amount of testing teams could do, the Scuderia would spend thousands of hours cutting its teeth around the sacred grounds.

As is the case with Formula 1, feelings toward the smaller engines are all over the place. We’ll let you decide on the note coming from the mule here, but we noticed that it sounds very similar to the muted turbo V8 of the 488. The lack of volume could be for a myriad of reasons, but it appears that the V6 hybrid is here to stay.

From a peek at the headlights, the front fascia appears to be very similar to that of the F8 Tributo. All things considered, Ferrari did a good job hiding the rest of the car with some unorthodox camouflage. Normally manufacturers appear to have a special wrap on it test vehicles, but this example appears to be much more home-grown.

Vehicle dynamics are hard to judge from the spy footage, but everything looks relatively under control; the car cornered flat even throughout some of the high-speed bends. While that’s what we gathered, we’d love to see Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc behind the wheel to let us know what they think.

Source: Varryx via YouTube

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