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Doctor Strange Director Warns Against Seeing Tenet In Theaters

Scott Derrickson, who directed the first Doctor Strange movie, took to Twitter to warn viewers against seeing Tenet in movie theaters.

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson warns viewers against seeing Tenet in theaters. Derrickson directed the first Doctor Strange movie, but will not be returning to direct the upcoming sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Christopher Nolan's Tenet was originally supposed to come out on July 31st, before getting delayed to August 12th, and finally September 3rd.

While studios like Marvel are scrambling to rearrange releases for their jam-packed superhero lineup, every other major studio is running into the same issues with their films. Movie theater chains have closed as well as over the last few months to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 from spreading, leading to further delays in the industry. Recently, chains like AMC and Regal have begun to reopen their doors, despite warnings from doctors who have stated that going to the movies is still unsafe. In fact, Marvel's New Mutants is scheduled to open on August 28, while Christopher Nolan's Tenet will open on September 3.

Scott Derrickson took to Twitter to voice his opinion, warning viewers against seeing Tenet or any other movie in a theater. He then specified in a follow-up tweet, saying that he is addressing his fellow Americans. The general response to his sentiments seems to be positive, based on feedback left by his followers.

Derrickson's comments are in stark contrast to Tenet director Christopher Nolan's pushes over the last few months to ensure that Tenet releases on time. In fact, it was revealed that Nolan was responsible for Tenet no longer being delayed beyond the summer, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Nolan even appealed to Congress to help theaters during shutdowns, arguing for the "collective human engagement" offered by film screenings after months of isolation people have faced due to the virus.

The New Mutants director Josh Boone has spoken about reopening theaters as well. Boone stated that he believes people should be going to the movies because "it brings people together." Boone justified his opinion by stating, "I think that as long as they’re following the rules they’re supposed to be following, it’s safer than an airplane or a restaurant."

As exciting as it is for new movies like the long-awaited Tenet and New Mutants to finally be released, Derrickson offers a great point. The COVID-19 outbreak has not yet been contained, and venues such as movie theaters may pose a serious risk to anyone attending. It's understandable that directors like Nolan and Boone would want to see their hard work appreciated by fans on the big screen (especially with all the delays that New Mutants has faced). Both New Mutants and Tenet are also vying to become the first post-coronavirus tentpole, so there is a lot riding on these two movies being successful in the box office. However, all it takes is one sick individual to infect moviegoers around them. The safer alternative may be to attend outdoor theaters or drive-ins, as suggested by epidemiologists in the past, though not attending at all would be the safest option. Who knows? Maybe Tenet will be forced to do an early VOD release on a streaming platform within a few months.

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